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Hustle. Hustle. STOP. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Get up early, caffeinate, stay up late, work, work, WORKKKKK. That’s what we do. We’re entrepreneurs. We work our 80+ hour a week dream job to keep from working 40 hours in some cubicle, and we love it. We have businesses that completely rest on our shoulders. We take […]

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Dallas Wedding Photographer

I love supporting local vendors and small businesses, and working with people who are passionate, creative and love what they do. Marie Nguyen of the Emma Collection is one of those people who has become a kindred spirit and friend! This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a few of my AMAZING seniors who […]

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I take a lot of photos. It’s my job, yes. I love the moments shared between couples in love, or families playing together, or a newborn making his entrance into the world. These are truly magical moments and this is the stuff I absolutely adore. Memories are to be treasured and capturing those moments is […]

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Light. I’m in love with it. Growing up, my dad would always get after me for leaving lights on. Even during the middle of the day, anything with a bulb got turned on if I was in the room. Our bedroom presently has 5 lamps, all of which are usually on at the same time, […]

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