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Hustle. Hustle. STOP.

Hustle, hustle, hustle. Get up early, caffeinate, stay up late, work, work, WORKKKKK. That’s what we do. We’re entrepreneurs. We work our 80+ hour a week dream job to keep from working 40 hours in some cubicle, and we love it. We have businesses that completely rest on our shoulders. We take our responsibility seriously. People count on us, expect a lot from us. We want to be the best at what we do and we absolutely cannot FAIL. No. No. No!

Sound familiar? This is what goes through my head a lot and the noise can get reeeeeallly loud.

Having a good work ethic is awesome. Working hard and striving for excellence is great and will most likely deliver positive results, but not without a healthy balance of time off, quiet time and self-care.

Remember the oxygen mask speech on your flight right before take off that nobody really listens to? “Put your mask on first, then assist someone else.” There’s so much truth to that. We’re not much good to others if we don’t first take care of our needs.

I’ll be honest. I struggle with this. I feel better if I’m making someone else happy so I run to the work first. I’d rather dive in and get it done to check that box or cross off that list. But that’s not the best way to start my day or keep the pace. It’s no way to “have life and have it more abundantly”. John 10:10 We were created to THRIVE not just survive. So we need to be intentional with our time and create space in our day for quiet time and study. For me, most of the time it’s getting into the Word and reading scripture or my favorite devotional, Jesus Calling. Other times it’s journaling my thoughts or spending some time praying for others. Without a doubt, my day always starts and ends better when I begin the day this way.

Each day is a gift. How we spend it is our choice. I’m so thankful for the gifts God has given me and that I get to wake up every day to this amazing job. But I’m even more grateful for the family he’s given me, the time I get with them and the quiet time I get to spend alone with Him. Because it’s those times that truly restore, refuel and breathe life into my soul.

Take care of yourself, loves. Work will always be there waiting for you. Because if you do, you’ll be a much healthier you.

XOXO, Rebecca


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