Stephanie & Caleb | Watermark Church | Dallas, Texas

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Ya’ll, these two…oh, my goodness! I’ve known Stephanie all of her life. Her momma, Christine and I have been besties since before she was born. The joy in this family is the real deal. They love deeply, genuinely and with all their hearts, and anyone who knows them can testify one-hundred percent! I am incredibly blessed to know and love them and their wedding at Watermark Church, Dallas was one of my all time favorite days to capture!

Stephanie & Caleb met while they were in high school. Their story is a beautiful one – centered on Jesus as their foundation. It’s incredible to watch. Their wedding day was no different! I knew this day would be emotional for me…and it was! VERY! When Stephie and her dad, Steve shared their first look there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I love the special bond these two share and as I shot through my own tears, I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly honored to be there to capture it.

Next, came Stephie’s first look with Caleb…just. wow. Caleb is one of the finest men I know and his love for Stephanie is clearly evident! As with all first looks, time stands still. I give my couples as much time as they wish, and after they’re ready, we move on to Bride & Groom portraits and wedding party portraits. As we were beginning to walk out, Caleb grabbed Stephie, and said…”wait…I’m not ready to let you go yet!” I LOVE IT!!! So, we took a few more minutes because this day is ALL about them!! Nothing else matters! My couples call the shots! Exactly how it should be.

The rest of the day was simply beautiful. Their ceremony captured the true essence of who Caleb and Stephie are and pointed it all to Christ. Details upon beautiful details added such a personal touch to it all, complete with s’mores which ended the night on a perfectly sweet note! Nothing thrills my heart more than a wedding day filled with love, emotion and tons of joy. I have the best job in the world centered around people I truly adore…really I do.

Congratulations, Stephie & Caleb! Enjoy your honeymoon in Maui!!

A big thank you to all the vendors who served this couple so well:

Florist | A&L Floral Design

Cake & Catering | 3 Dimensional Catering

All Stationery & Invitations | Katie Morrill with Simplyschu

H&MU | Sarah Erb

Wedding Planner | Mallory Chamberlain

Entertainment | Bradford Evenden

Bridal Gown | Gowns of Grace

Rings | Lyles DeGrazier

Men’s Attire | The Black Tux

Bridesmaids Attire | Azazie

Officiant | Dustin Slaton

Assistant Photgrapher | Leah Goetzel

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