Amanda & Nathan | A Southern Church Wedding

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It’s been a really long time since I’ve shot a truly southern church wedding. Often times as photographers, we get so caught up in the spectacular and amazing wedding venues that we can forget how timeless and incredibly special a classic church wedding can be! And this wedding was truly beautiful. There were SO many special people and precious moments in Amanda & Nathan’s wedding day that made it what it was and several times throughout the day, I had chills and tears all at the same time! When a wedding day is full of meaningful moments, love and beautiful friends and family, it truly makes the most  amazing wedding day for sure!

I loved how there were so many special people who helped to create this wedding day, and specific details that Amanda wore that carried so much meaning. Amanda’s earrings and necklace were worn by Nathan’s mother AND grandmother! Three generations shared those pieces on their wedding day and as delicate as they are, they are still so beautiful. The stunning sapphire ring Amanda wore is her mother’s ring, her “something blue”.  So many of the decorations and details were hand-made by Amanda and her family and I loved how much of her own creativity she put into her wedding day. The beautiful invitations were made by Amanda, as well as the girls bouquets! Nathan’s mom made both the wedding cake and groom’s cake and they were amazing and Amanda’s mom decorated the beautiful archway for the ceremony.

After they all got ready, Amanda’s bridesmaids prayed over her as she began her wedding day and that’s about the time the tears started…and they kept coming ALL. DAY. LONG. Amanda wrote a letter to her father to read at their first look and he was already emotional even before he saw her! Amanda is not only the only girl, but their only child, so this day was pretty big for him. What a precious moment they had together as she called his name and he turned around to see his beautiful little girl in her wedding dress all ready to walk down the aisle. It was pretty powerful!

Nathan and Amanda chose to wait to see each other until the ceremony but wanted to have a moment to pray together before the ceremony. So we arranged for them to do that between two doors and when Nathan started praying is when I got chills AND tears and pretty much felt like this was the best day ever.

Amanda & Nathan, congratulations to you both and THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Enjoy a few of my favorites! XOXO, Rebecca

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  1. Bruce Hard says:

    Thank you, Rebecca, for recording this special day for our family. We will cherish tese the rest of our lives!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Bruce for the honor of working with your family! One of the best ones yet! I can’t wait to deliver all of these images and more to Nathan and Amanda! Thanks again!

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