Christina & Dave | 25th Anniversary Session, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

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I’ve known Christina and Dave for a long time. In fact I think I met them just a few years after they got married in May of 1993! So when they approached me about their idea for a 25th anniversary session I was totally into it. When Christina mentioned that she was hoping to wear her wedding dress too, that made it even more fun! How awesome is that! Most brides only get the thrill of wearing their dress on their wedding day, and I remember not wanting to take my dress off, I loved it so much. So this was special to Christina and, oh my gosh, you can see she looked absolutely beautiful!

Marriage is a blessing. And being married to your best friend is such a gift. On that beautiful wedding day the journey together begins and if you’ve been married for even one week, you know that it isn’t always easy. There are days of absolute joy and days of deep sorrow, and everything in between. The commitment made and the vows shared on that wedding day will be tested over time but choosing to love the other person more than yourself, is what builds a healthy, sustaining marriage.

Christina and Dave have worked together to build a beautiful, healthy relationship for 25 years! That’s something to celebrate! They’re raising two boys, (young men, really!) and their family is not only loved by me and my family, but by so many others who they have each touched and blessed in some way.

I loved watching them laugh together, walk hand in hand together and share sweet moments during their anniversary session up at Arbor Hills. Christina’s dress was still so gorgeous after all these years and her shoes!! They were so much fun! Congratulations, guys! I am SO happy for you and maybe, just maybe – we’ll do this again in another 25 years! XOXO

25th Anniversary Session_0181.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0182.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0183.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0184.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0185.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0186.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0187.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0188.jpg
Anniversary Session
25th Anniversary Session_0190.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0191.jpg
25th Anniversary Session_0192.jpg

  1. Mary Strew says:

    What beautiful photos of David and Christina! After twenty five years, it is so obvious that their love has grown and blossomed in amazing ways. Happy
    Anniversary to a wonderful, happy couple! Love, Mary Strew

  2. Donna Penn says:

    Oh, these are gorgeous! Loved getting to see these. Yes, Dave and Christina, you have done what you said you’d do. Serve the Lord together. Thank you for preparing and doing this for the rest of us – in such a lovely way! And Rebecca – your talent for showcasing these moments is just as lovely! What a beautiful surprise to see this on FB today!

  3. Amy Foskett says:

    Wow!! I love these precious servants of the Lord AND these amazing pictures! What a treasure!

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